Spring Fling – SpringFest

More College and University programming boards will book a Comedy Hypnotist for their Special Events than most other types of entertainment

Casey has Created a very strong show custom made for Spring Festival. It’s a Beach Bash theme, featuring a trip to a Caribbean Island for Spring Break, where some things go great, and some things, not so Great (including an unscheduled appearance from Jaws) it involves all the participants and watching them all react in their own way, gives your audience lots to look at and lots to laugh about – Contact us for Details

We offer interactive comedy entertainment, whereby the volunteers from your audience become the

“Stars of the Show” 

This may be your only year on the Programming Board – Make your Mark 

Call our office today and let’s get started

  • Imagine 15-25 people up on stage at the same time

  • All reacting in their own unique way to the hilarious hypnotic suggestions

  • Gives your audience lots to look at – everyone wants to see what will happen with their friends

  • Book with Confidence
  • Volunteers from the audience become the “Stars of the Show”

  • Great for group spirit – Brings hard laughter for all attending your event
  • Age Appropriate: Just the right amount of innuendo for your audience

  • With a wealth of experience and material, Casey can perform a show all can enjoy
Casey ST Jones FEDS
“Hi Casey, Thank you very much for performing for us! We look forward to having you come here year after year and I’m hoping you had a great experience as well! Thanks again, and I wish you all the best!”
Taylor Kerstens, Orientation Admin Coord,, FEDS, Univ. of Waterloo
“Thanks so much for taking the time to entertain us during frosh! You were amazing! Everyone had so much
fun laughing! It was a time to be had. (I think I got appendicitis from the show.) Anyway, we are so glad that
you made it and we hope that we can work with you again next year!”
Tracey Chew, Science Undergrad,, McGill University

Hi Casey, I just wanted to touch base and say I thought the show was great and I will definitely recommend we bring you back next year. Thanks for everything

Alex Kerner, Ryerson Univ RSU
“Your show was definitely the highlight of the day. The students and staff are still talking about how hilarious it was. Everyone enjoyed seeing their friends up on stage. If you ever need anyone to recommend your show, St. Andrew’s College would be more than happy to do so!”
Jason LaMarche, St. Andrew’s College
Casey ST Jones Eng Soc
Hi Casey, All of our students loved the show — it was really awesome!! Thanks again for coming out and hopefully, we’ll see you again next year! Cheers
Laura Bradbury, EngSoc, University of Toronto Engineering
Thanks Casey. The night was a great success. Good luck with the rest of your tour! Cheers
Christine Broyden, LSST Ent Chair, CFB Fleet Club Formation Halifax
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Casey ST Jones

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