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“Stay Hypnotized my Friends”
World's Most Interesting Program Advisor, Campus Activities Board
Hypnosis Idol
“Your hypnosis duet, with Willie Nelson, was the best show I’ve never seen!”
Simon Coldwell, Hypnosis Idol
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“It’s a show about something”
Frank Crustanza, Phase 3 Condo Assoc. President, Boca Rattan, FL
Hypnosis Show
“You Strongly Influenced Beatles”
Nyles Crane, Fraser
Casey ST Jones Hypnosis video
“Ricolla! Ricolla!”
Gretal-Fraun Luudenvall, Swiss Community College
Hypnosis Video
“He’s got Leonid Brezhnev’s eyes”
Kim Carnes, 80's Pop Songstress
Hypnosis Video Casey ST Jones
“I laughed, I cried, I loved it more than Cat’s!”
Kent Brockmans, Springfield News
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Casey ST Jones Comedy Hypnosis

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